She was crazy, but damn she was sexy.

Early Days of Porn at Home

I just love this one of Schöne Seele because it reminds me of the early days of porn at home. In the photo, it actually looks like a new HD camera and professional lights, but the wood panel, the instagram vintage filter, the stockings, and it could be at the casual glance, an old beta sp camera, some old high wattage lights... the very essence of the early days of porn at home.

Rock Climbing is Sexy

As you can tell, we at Sexy Sex blog love the outdoors. We're campers, and backpackers, and climbers. There's something sexy about wearing only a climbing harness. And as you climb, it's sexy to be so free in your movements. And if you are belaying, pretty sexy to look up at your climbing partner.

Here's some sexy rock climbing shots as our tribute to girls who climb in the buff! 

Softly Combing her Curls

Taken with her iphone, nit the best quality, but certainly it's the thought that counts.

Motorcycle Monday: So Long, Summer

Well, it's been a great summer. Lots of riding and lots of sexy motorcycle shots if you've been following this blog. It's now late September, and for a lot of folks in the North Country, it means putting away the bikes, and saying so long to summer.

Me, well, I've had a Sportster for a several years now, and I'm thinking this winter might be the time to finally do a major customize. A winter project to keep me out of trouble. 

So, here's a special  to all our Dear Readers who love life on two wheels.

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